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The 2017 North American metal roofing market is a $3.3 billion industry at the manufacturer factory gate level according to Principia Consulting’s latest industry report, Metal Roofing 2018.  The study includes standing seam, corrugated/ribbed panels, and specialty panels, but excludes cladding and pre-engineered metal buildings.

By all accounts among metal roofing manufacturers, 2017 was a notably strong year for metal roofing and expectations point to another record year in 2018, particularly since some of the growing pains of 2017 have been assimilated and the supply chain is stronger for it.  Among the metal roofing contractors surveyed, 75% expect the market to grow over the next three years and suppliers echo similar growth expectations.

Roofing Professionals’ Metal Roofing Growth Expectations, 2017

Top Reasons Cited for Expected Growth, 2017

Growth will be driven by the expansion in both commercial and residential markets as well as by increasing acceptance of metal roofing among property owners as they come to more fully appreciate the robust performance of metal roofing and significant cost savings over the life of a roof.  With a CAGR of 7%, metal roofing is expected to reach almost $4 billion in 2020.

Metal Roofing Market: Six Key Growth Drivers

There are several key factors of metal roofing demand that support the strong growth expected in the market including:

  • The general economic and construction environment supports continued growth in metal roofing demand to 2020.
  • The continued “greening” of North American construction will increase adoption of metal roofing as cool roof energy savings and other environmentally friendly aspects assert stronger appeal to property owners.
  • Increasing life-cycle cost awareness bodes well for metal roofing, particularly in the commercial market but also among homeowners.
  • Lagging installer base should self-correct as attractive metal margins entice more contractors into the market and manufacturers further invest in contractor training and support.
  • Increasing structure in the metal roofing industry will support growth as larger players focus on expanding adoption, installation, and innovation.
  • Job-site roll-forming will continue to expedite the supply chain and facilitate metal roofing penetration.

For more details on metal roofing, see Principia’s Metal Roofing 2018 industry Report.

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Casey Olson
Roofing Industry Analyst