Deliver Customer Value

Position your products and services based on value

Align with Customer Need

How you position your product and service offerings with each customer type is critical to market success. A well-defined product strategy begins with aligning product needs with the real drivers of a purchase decision.

Looking to:

  • Validate acceptance of a new product before investing
  • Develop demand elasticity for product attributes
  • Conduct supplier and channel checks for gaining traction
  • Improve your likelihood to meet revenue and margin plans

Our Approach
Every engagement leverages our institutional knowledge and ongoing monitoring of residential and construction markets. We balance supply and demand, examine the competitive landscape, and capture the voice of the customer from primary research, including in-depth phone interviews and large-scale phone and web surveys. Our team of functional and industry experts analyze the data and synthesize to form our perspectives on growth opportunities for your business. LEARN MORE

Case Study

New Flooring Product Introduction

A major flooring manufacturer sought to validate the likely acceptance for a new product among flooring installers and property owners.

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Find Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Challenges and Opportunities
  • What attributes do customers want and value in a product?
  • Are the needs of each customer different?
  • How can you deliver the right cost-performance balance?
  • What is the potential demand for a new product?
How We Support Decision Making
  • Identify the features and benefits your customers value most
  • Optimize price-to-value to drive increased sales
  • Position new products and services for market introduction
  • Forecast new product acceptance with confidence
  • Develop unique messaging for each customer type

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