Target Profitable Growth Markets

Understand market demand and pinpoint opportunities

Define New Segments

Every business strategy needs to define the marketplace and where products are best positioned to deliver the next level of growth. Once you have a deep understanding of the market demand, you’ll be well positioned to identify opportunities in core and adjacent markets or step-out platform opportunities.

Looking to:

  • Assess the competitive landscape
  • Plan for a new product introduction
  • Enter a new market
  • Map the path to market

Our Approach
Every engagement leverages our institutional knowledge and ongoing monitoring of residential and construction markets. We balance supply and demand, examine the competitive landscape, and capture the voice of the customer from primary research, including in-depth phone interviews and large-scale phone and web surveys. Our team of functional and industry experts analyze the data and synthesize to form our perspectives on growth opportunities for your business. LEARN MORE

Case Study

New Opportunities for Commercial Interiors Markets

A multinational supplier of commercial interiors sought to expand sales through new markets. An annual revenue goal of $150 million was targeted from new segments entered over a five-year period.

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Find Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Challenges and Opportunities
  • How big is the market, and how fast is it growing?
  • How are market dynamics and trends impacting demand?
  • What’s your market share, and how competitive are you?
  • How are you positioned to grow?
How We Support Decision Making
  • Roadmap to grow in your market
  • Introduce new products and enter new markets
  • Develop competitive advantage
  • Find pathways to fast-growing markets

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From market insights to business strategies, we’re ready to discuss your needs.

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