Case Studies

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Defining Market Share Opportunities Using Specific Supply-Demand Data

A leading pro dealer sought to understand its competitive position in a specific state. The dealer was acquiring other locations in state and concern existed among several of its locations that they were competing with themselves.

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Identifying Opportunities Within Specific Sales Territories

A leading two-step distributor wanted to map its market coverage based on supplier brands carried and how its competitors were positioned in each local market served.

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Increased Sales Through Distributor Partnering

A manufacturer of exterior building products sought to partner with new two-step distributors and wanted to share specific market knowledge for customer targeting.

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Planning for Expanded Market Participation

A major producer of roofing products targeted the multifamily new construction market. A clearly quantified view of the current market size was needed as well as three-year forecasts to support the business case for this initiative.

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Sales Resource Redeployment to Grow Share

A leading supplier of commercial roofing sought to focus its sales and technical resources at architects and roofing consultants to increase its share in specific regions of the country.

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Diversification Through Market Discovery

A major building products company seeking to diversify its product portfolio was interested in commercial waterproofing given this market’s ability to manage margin performance through industry cycles.

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Product Portfolio Evaluation in Commercial Insulation

A manufacturer of foam board insulation sought to assess the best options to increase revenues in commercial applications by expanding its product portfolio beyond EPS.

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Regional Demand Assessment for a New Product

A leading manufacturer of weather resistant barriers wanted to understand the addressable market for a new product and what share could be captured in specific target markets.

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Acquisition Identification and Screening in Metal Roofing

An investor was interested in participating in the fast-growing metal roofing market and needed a better understanding of the size and growth of the opportunity. In addition, the company wanted to develop a starting list of potential investments to enter the business.

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Evaluation of Distribution Network for Growth

A manufacturer of siding wanted to accelerate growth of its business and needed an assessment of the relative strengths and weaknesses of its current distribution network.

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