Markets Served

For over 25 years, companies that manufacture, distribute, sell and invest in the building materials and construction industry have benefited from Principia’s expertise.

Cabinets & Countertops

Identify what cabinet and countertop customers want and how they purchase to support your business goals. In recent years, we helped suppliers and distributors assess the shift to engineered quartz from other kitchen and bath countertop materials and the impact on their product lines.

Construction Chemicals

Navigate with a construction chemicals roadmap of the market needs for the building materials and construction industry. We helped one company understand how their product improved performance not only for their customers’ process and products, but also the direct benefits to each part of the supply chain.

Decking & Railing

Take the market pulse and identify the best moves to make. Leveraging our industry expertise and access to the decking and railing markets, we’ve helped suppliers and distributors evaluate the shift from wood to composites based on homeowner desire for low-maintenance products.

Exterior Trim

Identify how to create cross-selling opportunities for your product portfolio. A siding manufacturer sought to understand how it could sell more exterior trim with its core siding products. Principia quantified current attachment rates for these two products and how to build a dealer strategy to promote and support a full siding and trim package sold to builders and installers.


Determine the value that your products and services deliver to each customer type. Principia mapped which fastener product features were most valued in each market served and how installers made trade-off decisions. We developed a positioning and price strategy based on performance for the money in specific markets for our manufacturer client.


Develop growth strategies in a growing but crowded market. Principia analyzed the competitive landscape in resilient flooring to assess increased demand for luxury vinyl tile and how to position it to grow share in the independent dealer channel.


Pinpoint opportunities and challenges for competitive advantage in the HVAC market. Recently, Principia recommended a sales transformation strategy for a manufacturer supported by mapping overall distribution coverage against dealer receptivity to carry a higher energy efficient product line.


Define the market landscape and how best to position company resources. Principia identified major megatrends influencing future demand for construction materials used in rehabilitation and replacement infrastructure, and how to position successfully for specification approvals and win projects.


Map how to better serve the insulation market and increase share. For one company, we segmented their insulation contractor base to identify key opportunities for exterior wall insulation based on new code requirements for continuous insulation.

Interior Trim

Map the custom journey and identify key touch points with each stakeholder to develop a customer-centric strategy. For a millwork manufacturer, Principia evaluated each transaction step to determine the interaction between the client’s organization and remodelers and finish installers, from pre-awareness to advocacy.


Identify growth opportunities and differentiators to gain market share. For an engineered wood supplier, Principia assessed the opportunities to influence specification changes within the A&D community for wood-framed buildings in commercial construction with a new to the industry product.

Pipe & Fittings

Grow your business with the right answers to tough questions. Principia developed a full market view of current and projected penetration of trenchless plastic pipe for water distribution pipe in high-density regions to support a major investment decision.

Plumbing Fixtures

Present a 360 degree view of the plumbing fixtures market condition to make the right moves. For a major manufacturer, Principia assessed increasing homeowner value placed on high-end faucet finishes, designs, and features for a new product launch.


Segment and target the roofing market to focus your resources on the best opportunities. Principia recently assessed key factors driving roofing contractor loyalty to combat today’s price-driven switching from one distributor to another and create a capture, penetration, and retention strategy.

Siding & Cladding

Define a profitable growth strategy to maximize revenues and margins in the siding and cladding markets. In one case, Principia developed a product and price strategy for a siding manufacturer competing in the hotly contested share battle in lap siding between vinyl, fiber cement, and engineered wood.


Discover how customers make decisions through journey mapping. Principia developed a detailed view of each step in the decision-making process for a supplier of sheathing in residential construction. Individual journeys were defined for each stakeholder in the process to understand how to support their specific paths to purchase.

Walls & Ceilings

Deliver company growth at any level, ranging from company acquisition to customer retention in the walls and ceilings markets. Principia helped suppliers and distributors evaluate applications for moisture-resistant drywall for kitchen and bath.

Weather Resistant Barriers

Find new growth avenues through refined channel and customer strategies in the weather resistant barriers market. For example, Principia validated builder need for improved building-envelope protection and the value placed by homeowners in higher performance systems.

Windows & Doors

Zoom in and out to define the strategy and tactics for window and door market success. In one case, Principia assisted window suppliers with regional expansion strategies to take advantage of increased demand for high energy efficient windows.


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