Customize how you view and analyze market size and share for major U.S. residential building product categories.

Drive Market Share While Targeting Growth Opportunities

If you are a manufacturer, distributor or dealer in the building materials industry, you need accurate data and supporting analytics to measure product demand, determine current share, and forecast sales potential by market and region.



With DemandBuilder®, users are able to:

Segment product demand Icon

Segment Product Demand to Better Understand Markets

Accurately measure your current share and revenue potential

Identify revenue opportunities Icon

Identify Revenue Opportunities to Pursue by Product, Market, and Geography

Work with your customers to grow market share together, leveraging macro and micro growth drivers in each market

Build internal targets Icon

Build Internal Targets with an Independent Market View

Access product usage and preference trends

Align sales resources Icon

Align Sales Resources with Territory Opportunities

Set benchmarks for your business using comparative market data while ensuring proper coverage to serve projected demand


DemandBuilder® is delivered through interactive dashboards and a summary brief.

Segment product demand Icon

Interactive Dashboards

Historical, Current, and Forecast Demand measured in volume and value is segmented by:

  • Product and material: Three-year outlook and historical data available CAGRs by product material and region
  • Construction type: New vs. repair and remodel
  • Unit: Single family vs. multifamily
  • Geography: Custom geocoding for sales region or trading territory
Summary Brief

Summary Brief

Understand current market size, trends, and developments along with insights-driven analysis for outlook, including:

  • Share shifts for products and applications
  • Regional analysis to detect patterns and trends
  • Trends by type of building and construction market
  • Update on structural changes and industry consolidation

Market Segments

Principia serves a wide range of product categories within the building materials and construction industry. DemandBuilder® is currently available in the following product categories:

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